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At River Shores Chiropractic you can expect high quality chiropractic care in a friendly environment. Dr. Krysti Wick and Dr. Trista Bringa offer compassion and kindness to each and every one of their patients.  They are dedicated to providing safe and effective Chiropractic care which is tailored to meet the needs of each individual patient. Allow yourself the opportunity to discover the power of Chiropractic and reserve your appointment in our office today. You deserve it!
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Our Patients Speak

The expansion looks great! I've been to plenty of other Chiropractors but never an office like this! The atmosphere is so inviting and 'spa like'. Dr. Krysti really makes you feel educated about your experience and really wants you to be comfortable with what is happening.

I admit I was a skeptic, but my husband found relief and the experience made me curious as well. I tried it out and Dr. Wick treated my shoulder and now I am a convert to chiropractic care... Count me as a believer...The staff is wonderful, caring, welcoming, truly concerned with YOU. Thank you!!

I have had great results from Dr. Wick and her staff in treating my lower back pain and muscle spasms.  I love the Activator and Dr. Krysti's magic touch with finding any trouble spots.  I am pain and spasm free for 7 weeks now, and will continue to maintain my adjustments.