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River Shores Chiropractic | Patient Success Stories

Chiropractic Care and ADD/ ADHD/ Focus

adhd-success-story-01-19“My son was diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder around the age of six years old. His teacher and I noticed that around the age of two years old he was acting differently than other children his age. He seemed to have a lot more energy than other children and he was having behavioral challenges. We tried a variety of things such as strict routine, vitamins, watching red dye intake, and monitoring his diet. We also tried getting him involved in activities to burn off his large amount of energy. No matter what we tried nothing seemed to work and things were getting worse. In first grade, my son was diagnosed with ADHD and he was put on daily medication as a last resort. Jump to 2018 when I met Dr. Krysti when she did a presentation for my work. A few weeks after meeting her I called to schedule my son’s first appointment at River Shores Chiropractic. Since starting care I have noticed a huge decrease in his behavioral challenges, he is more relaxed, and he has matured quickly. He is also able to focus better, his sleep has improved and he seems less antsy. I have even had his school reach out to me and comment on his improvements. I know that this is still a work in progress but we have already seen such amazing results. All of the staff is wonderful, always pleasant and extremely welcoming. I cannot say enough good things about River Shores and how thankful I am to have met Dr. Krysti and taken a chance on this.”

Pediatric Patients with parents“River Shores Chiropractic has truly been a blessing to our family. We as a family began our journey with them two years ago when I went to an ADHD workshop. I was looking for an alternative to the traditional medication for my preteen. At the workshop, I was amazed by the knowledge Dr. Krysti gave me that evening in such a short time. There was no hesitation that I had finally found the right fit for my ADHD preteen. The Doctors and staff had a true concern for my son. The knowledge the Doctors gave my son and me about what was going on in his mind and body put us both at ease. It wasn’t long before we saw differences such as better sleep, balance, and attitude. My son became excited for adjustment days. He knew things were changing for the better. Since we were so pleased with my son’s results, I decided to start care for my three other children. My High School daughter could use help with her locking joints and flexibility for dance. My avid soccer-playing teen son had been having a hard time with growing pains. And last but not least, my little one battled bladder infections and we were not fond of antibiotics. Now, I bring in the whole crew for adjustments.Each of them walks in week after week without any complaints. River Shores Chiropractic is always our first call when anyone is feeling under the weather, which is far and few since starting care. It has become a place where my family feels extremely comfortable. All of the staff know us by name and are always extremely welcoming. Our crazy go everywhere, do everything lifestyle has become easier thanks to River Shores Chiropractic. We couldn’t be happier becoming part of their family!”
Jenson photo“My son Jenson was a term baby. After his one year shots, Jenson ran a 104 degree fever for six days. We went to his pediatrician and she said that was a normal reaction and everything should improve. We noticed over the next three to six months that he developed rashes, he started losing all language development,started screaming in public places, and arching his back while he was eating as if he was in discomfort. We sought advice from three autistic specialists and they diagnosed him with an autism spectrum disorder at age two. We soon started him on a gluten and casein free diet, probiotic, fish oil and conventional behavior therapy.He did that for about three years. Last year,after he began kindergarten, his intensive therapy ended.We were looking for some alternatives because he was doing better, but not as well as we would like for him to be.My friend Drew knew Dr. Krysti and said “You have to see this lady, just go in for a consultation, just go in and see if this is something you think Jenson could benefit from.” We noticed within the first three months: improvement in focus, better sleep, increase in appetite, a growth spurt, calmer demeanor, and he was getting better in public places. I actually got an email from his kindergarten teacher, who had him the previous year that stated “I just wanted to let you know how proud I am of your son. He now greets me and smiles every time he passes my classroom. I am so impressed at his increase in language and growth over summer. He is a wonderful little boy.” So, we continued with Dr. Krysti and right now he is maintaining what we noticed since fall.
We are also bringing our daughter to Dr. Krysti now. Last October, she started 4K and developed a high fever. I looked in her ears and she was starting to get an ear infection. With just one adjustment her ear infection began to go away without putting her on any antibiotics.When she began care she also had a speech impediment. Now, her teachers have noticed that her speech has improved and more intelligible. We will continue to use this as a tool for our health and well being. Dr. Krysti and her staff have always been helpful and very accommodating. I just want to thank her for all of her help, especially with Jenson.”
Gavin photoCheck out what Gavin’s mom had to say:”Gavin has had some amazing changes over the last several months! Starting with how he deals with his frustrations and overall emotional regulation. He is able to be redirected more easily and his attention span/ability to concentrate has improved.Gavin started middle school this year and as someone who struggled with transitions and large changes, you can imagine how nervous, we are parents were, but he is doing so well!He loves coming to River Shores and his only complaint is that he wishes his adjustments would last even longer because he enjoys them so much!”
Elizabeth photoThis sweet girl came to us after her dad attended our last ADHD and Sensory Workshop. We distinctly remember that both of her parents were planning to attend but Elizabeth’s mom had to stay home that evening due to her behavior challenges. She was struggling with sleep, anxiety, and heightened emotions. She also struggled with focus and had outbursts and challenges handling changes, loud environments, and stressful situations.Fast forward to today and her parents are so happy to report she is now a “completely different child” with the help of chiropractic care. She is calmer, she is sleeping better and she has been able to process information and focus with less stress.She has been more loving, helpful, and relaxed. Her parents felt confident, with the help of her pediatrician, to remove her ADD medication due to the massive changes she has seen with her chiropractic care.Her mom has found so much joy in the quiet moments. She recently was rubbing her back and home and she was shocked as she was not even able to touch Elizabeth in the past because that was bothersome and stressful for her!
Elizabeth photo
“I don’t know where we would be without the help and guidance from such great staff and Doctors. Keep up the great work!Our family goes to River Shores Chiropractic and we can’t say enough great things about them. I love when we walk in the door and are greeted by name immediately along with being placed in my girls favorite room (with all the toys) in a reasonable amount of time.What really impresses me is that Dr. Andrea and Dr. Krysti go above and beyond to help me understand what is going on with both daughters along with my own personal body/health.My youngest daughter deals with Sensory Processing Disorder and they were able to reassure me that they could assist with her diagnosis. After being seen by River Shores, I can honestly say that I was a bit skeptical at first and now I believe 100% in chiropractic care, especially at a young age.I have seen tremendous changes in both my girls and my personal stress levels.”
“I can’t say enough great things about this wonderful place. The minute you walk in the door your greeted by name immediately and placed in the room of your choice. Both Dr. Andrea and Dr. Kristi are the most kind hearted individuals that understand your frustrations especially with your child(ren). My daughter has sensory processing disorder and both individuals have reassured me that they are here to listen and help. Since being seen by Dr. Kristi and Dr. Andrea my daughter has been making great strides. I can’t wait to see what the future holds in getting chiropractic care for my daughter. Keep up the great work River Shores!!!
chiropractic care and addMadilyn was always a very bright little girl. She began reading at age four and a half or five. When kindergarten started, Madilyn really struggled to progress in reading and math. Her penmanship was truly horrible. Throughout kindergarten and first grade, her classmates began to pull away from her. It was suggested that she may have ADD. We had her tested by a child psychologist and it was determined that she does not. While we were very happy to hear that, my husband and I had no idea how to help Madilyn. Through word of mouth, it was suggested that we try chiropractic care and vision therapy. We learned that Madilyn has severe spinal subluxations and a visual impairment.We began chiropractic care at River Shores in September and vision therapy in October/November. I am so happy to report, she is a different child!! Madilyn has really progressed in reading and her penmanship is awesome. Madilyn went from barely functioning, to learning and enjoying school! The best part is that she is much more confident in herself and truly feels good about who she is.Madilyn loves going to get her adjustments. She loves visiting with the staff and playing with the toys. We love that River Shores is so very family oriented.I will be honest and say that I am probably the worst Mom in terms of being worried about this little girl. Dr. Andrea has been very encouraging to me and extremely patient with me. She’s taken extra time to listen and speak with me about my concerns; for that, I am very grateful. Our family is committed to holistic care. River Shores has been the perfect fit for us and a true blessing in our lives!
-Angie K.
I was introduced to River Shores Chiropractic through a wellness fair we had at my work. I admittedly had thought about seeing a chiropractor but was too stubborn to go. I was feeling a lot of back and neck pain for the longest time and I had recently been diagnosed with ADHD. The medication I was taking was having a big effect on my life and I wanted to stop taking it and find a different approach to feel better naturally. At the wellness fair I decided to have a nervous system scan just to see what my scan would read considering how bad I was feeling. It ended up being a wakeup call for me. Dr. Andrea suggested that I needed to come in and set up an appointment. I did, and it was a great decision.River Shores Chiropractic has improved my life. Chiropractic care has helped me tremendously with my neck and back pain but I was also able to wean myself off of my ADHD medication. I am now able to control my focus naturally and feel better about life which makes the time with my daughter much more enjoyable. Before I came to River Shores I was in a dark place, I was not enjoying life the way I should be and also not being a father the way I wanted to be. So I couldn’t be happier knowing I listened to Dr. Andrea to come in and start getting adjusted. It has changed my life and changed me as a person. I can see it and it’s great to know my family can see it too. I would recommend River Shores Chiropractic to anyone. Dr. Andrea is a wonderful person and I couldn’t be more grateful for what she has done. She has worked with me and helped me get back to my normal self. I’m enjoying life a lot better than before!Chiropractic care makes you feel better in every aspect of life, literally every aspect. Dr. Andrea can change your life and River Shores Chiropractic is an amazing place to go. They have an amazing staff and family environment. I couldn’t be happier with where I am in life right now. Thanks River Shores Chiropractic!
-Cory N.

ADD-testimonial“Our son’s birthing process was traumatic. The cord was wrapped around his neck; heart rate dropped dramatically, suctioned him out, and ended up with a broken collar bone. Around the age of five he was diagnosed with ADHD and age six with high functioning Autism. The Doctor suggested medication to help him concentrate at school. For several years he has been on Adderall. He functioned better with his studies but it seemed like he “just wasn’t in there” a lot of the times. His meds also enhanced the Autism (noises, bright lights, etc.). Needless to say we have had a tough couple of years.Our neighbors also have a child on the spectrum and they invited us to an Autism support group. That night we met Dr. Krysti Wick as she was the presenter at the support group. My husband and I know this was not a coincidence. Krysti was meant to come into our lives for a reason!! In January of 2014 our son started chiropractic care and as of June he was med free. With chiropractic care and some in home therapy he is doing great! There is so much life in his eyes. He laughs so much more, plays with his toys, very social, and eats like crazy (was suffering from a lack of appetite as a side effect of his meds). Thank you Dr. Krysti for coming into our lives. You’ve made a world of difference.”
I would like to tell you a little about my son. He started having issues in school with teachers bullying not paying attention. He was put on ADHD meds when he was in 3rd grade. We kept trying different medications because nothing seemed to help and he was slowly but steadily getting worse. Crying fits and acting out in class (anxiety). We took him off all meds at the beginning of summer 2013 and seemed to calm down a little.Although at the beginning of the next school year, it started again, and was substantially worse. Panic attacks, anxiety over teachers and students with tantrums. He started seeing a therapist, and she was so concerned she met with him weekly at school. But with very little success and by January the panic attacks we so severe I had to pull him out of school and home school him the remainder of the year. Subsequently I had to quit my job. We went to a psychiatrist who prescribed anti-anxiety drugs but that seemed to add depression into the mix of things. Migraines stomach aches, anxiety with panic attacks. We seemed to stumble along but he wasn’t getting better. We couldn’t take him to unfamiliar places without a scene.In May a friend took me to a seminar Dr. Krysti was doing. I didn’t know much about it and just that it was dealing with anxiety, autism, and such things, When I learned that it had to do with chiropractic care, believe me, I was extremely skeptical. I truly believed that chiropractic can help with back and neck issues but anxiety and autism??!!I thought it was a stretch but I listened and asked questions and decided to give it a shot. Nothing else seemed to be making a difference. After steady care from Dr. Krysti for the last 3 months, I am ecstatic to share how different my son is. Loving, happy, silly, plays outside making new friends trying sports again. Headaches and stomach aches are gone. I have my son back!!! Thank you Dr. Krysti for that.
~Deb W.
“Chiropractic is amazing! Just about a month ago I mentioned to Dr. Wick that my daughter was having trouble focusing at home. Also, her teacher had called me and said that she was quite a bit behind in school. Immediately Dr. Wick took action, suggesting a thermal scan and EMG, which we did and found some big problem areas. Since then Dr. Wick has been adjusting her more frequently. Over the past few weeks I have noticed a change in her. Then this week I received another call from her teacher saying that she has seen HUGE progress in my daughter in the last couple weeks both academically and socially. Thank you Dr. Wick for being passionately invested in your patients! Looking forward to continued progress!!!!

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