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River Shores Chiropractic | Patient Success Stories

Anxiety and Chiropractic

Photo of patient Rachel“About two years ago, I injured my back and started asking for advice on what could help me. Numerous people recommended River Shores Chiropractic. I was a bit uncertain at first as Chiropractic was never a consideration in my life growing up, but I decided to give it a try! At first, I started care to help with my back only and little did I know that it would help me with so much more. Since starting my care at River Shores I quickly started to see improvements in myself that I didn’t expect. I struggled with high levels of stress and anxiety to the point that it would make me feel physically ill. My sleep was also constantly impacted by my inability to cope with stress. Now I am much better at managing my stress and anxiety levels, my back has improved, and my immune system has also improved significantly. I used to get sick often and would struggle to bounce back from illness. With regular adjustments when I do get sick, I recover much quicker. I absolutely love that River Shores is an all women team. The doctors are so kind and personable. The entire staff is extremely attentive, thorough, and has done wonders for my health.”

-Rachel M.

“Our main concern for my daughter before coming to River Shores Chiropractic was focus. My daughter was having a hard time focusing both at school and at home. She needed extra help organizing her school studies and she was struggling with time management. In addition, she was having difficult time with setting and hitting deadlines to complete tasks. Setting a deadline would make her feel overwhelmed and anxious. She would also get sick quite often and was having a hard time sleeping. Since starting care at River Shores Chiropractic we have seen such positive changes in her. She is focusing much better in school, her anxiety has improved and she has become much more responsible. She now understands the importance of setting deadlines and goals. Her sleep has improved, her anxiety has subsided and she is much healthier! She does not get sick as often and she is feeling fantastic. Every single person in the office genuinely cares for our family. They are always kind, caring and flexible to our schedule. Being around these incredible women in such a relaxing environment is one of the best parts of our week! We are also very thankful for the amount of support and knowledge River Shores Chiropractic has offered our family. They are fantastic at providing us with education on healthier, natural alternatives and we couldn’t be more grateful.”
“I have seen significant improvement in my shoulders and neck and have noticed I’ve had less anxiety. I was recently sick and still came in for an adjustment, I noticed improvement right away and I bounced back fast. River Shores Chiropractic is such a happy place to come to and I look forward to every appointment. I feel like I finally found a chiropractic family, and that’s just what they are—family. They connect with what I want for myself and my family, to heal and maintain without relying on medication. I’m excited to see how we all heal!”
I started taking my son to Dr. Krysti to help alleviate anxiety and sleep disruptions with chiropractic care. I wanted to try chiropractic before turning to treating his issues with medications. The results have been amazing!!! His anxiety levels have dramatically decreased, he sleeps more soundly, and has even had improvements with minor digestive trouble. Dr. Krysti and Dr. Andrea are both AMAZING with their patients, taking the time to really get to know but only then, but the whole family!
-Angie E.
“I am 46 years old and have had anxiety and bladder pain almost my whole life. I have spent years and thousands of dollars trying to attain some sort of relief. I refused to accept this was going to be my struggle forever. My son is a patient of Dr. Wick’s and he feels a lot better after an adjustment. I wanted that. Dr. Wick and I talked about my history and she educated me on how chiropractic care might help me. I have been seeing Dr. Wick for several months and feel much healthier with less symptoms than I ever had. I look forward to my adjustments and living out my testimony of healing. I know I’m on the right path. I’m stronger and feel healthier and more peace filled than ever. Thank you Dr. Wick.”
– Linda G.
“I am so happy we have found Dr. Krysti. My son has ADHD and has been off his meds for a week straight. My 7 month daughter is happier, doing tummy time, and sleeping better. And I have been off my anti-depressants for two weeks. It just amazes me that in just a few weeks how good we each feel. Thanks, Dr. Krysti!
-Chris W.
anxiety and chiropracticI began care at River Shores Chiropractic because I was feeling fatigued, experiencing left shoulder pain and had anxiety and depression. I was feeling so fatigued that I rested a lot and it made me sad to always be telling my kids “Mommy needs to lie down.” I wasn’t as active as I use to be with them. But after one month of chiropractic care, I’m back to my normal self again. I workout for two hours a day, most days, and still have enough energy to be a great mom and wife. My everyday chores don’t feel impossible and I am sleeping better. I have an abundance of energy and my arms don’t fall asleep at night. The staff has been welcoming and concerned for my health from day one and I greatly appreciate that. Many are skeptical about chiropractic care; I used to be one of them, but I’m proof that it works! Thank you!
-Mary Z.

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