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Autism and Chiropractic

autism and chiropracticOur son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in April 2015, and we began our visits with Dr. Krysti and Dr. Andrea the following month. Before his chiropractic treatment, he was very withdrawn. He is nonverbal, and did not exhibit any social skills, provided very little eye contact, had a great deal of sensory meltdowns, and had extreme challenges participating appropriately both in a school setting and in the community.After the first few weeks of adjustments, we noticed a positive change. He had increased engagement and interaction with family members, and became very affectionate. He began to make eye contact with others and his sensory meltdowns diminished.Skip ahead one full year, and he is a completely different child. He is highly engaged with all of his family members, provides great eye contact, follows directions, and has very little problem behavior at school and on outings in the community. He has a great sense of humor, plays well with his sister and cousins, and has taken more interest in engaging with his peers. His chiropractic care has dramatically improved his quality of life and our family is so grateful for the exceptional Doctors and staff at River Shores.
Logan’s mother notes: “In about 2 months, Logan’s vocabulary has exploded. He engages us in group games and loves to show me things now. In 5 years, this is the first time we have enjoyed sitting and reading books together. His Grandma’s have cried witnessing the changes when going 2-4 weeks without a visit with Logan!”

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