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Digestion and Chiropractic Care

Mother, two children, and DoctorRiver Shores Chiropractic has made such a difference in our lives and I wish we would have started it sooner! Our youngest daughter who was three years old at the time was experiencing a variety of complications. She was having digestive problems, constant crying, waking up throughout the night, poor appetite, and she was also having potty training issues. After countless visits to the Doctors office with not finding any answers, we decided to give Chiropractic care a try. We were all exhausted from trying different things that the doctors recommended with no change. The care we receive at River Shores has improved our lives so much! My daughter no longer has her digestive troubles, she doesn’t cry as often as she used to, she sleeps well and hardly ever wakes up. Her eating has improved and she hardly has any bathroom accidents. Chiropractic care has helped the rest of our family as well. My other daughter no longer has the stress and anxiety that she use to, she focuses better in school and hardly ever gets sick. As a busy Mom, I feel great after my adjustments and can tell when I am “off” and need to go in for an adjustment. I have hardly been sick, I feel less stressed and sleep better at night. The staff at River Shores is amazing! They greet you with a smile on their face every time you walk in the door! They always take an interest in our lives and care for the girls like they are their own. I am so happy we decided to start Chiropractic care two years ago.

I have 3 boys and was seeking balance in our busy lives with kiddos! Our oldest son wasn’t sleeping well and has some anxiety at night. We have found, since starting Chiropractic Care, he has had better sleep and less nighttime anxiety! Our middle son has been diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia. We have noticed an improvement in his overall behavior and focus since starting care. Then, our little guy had some digestive issues and would withhold for days… we saw immediate relief for him. It was scary to see our 2 year old at the time suffer from pain from his issues! I knew I had to find a natural way of helping him.Overall, we saw that the boys were healthier and missed very few days of school. My kiddos ask to go to see Dr. Krysti! That is huge in any parents book!

-Janine P.

hustI first learned about the power of Chiropractic care when Dr. Andrea and Dr. Krysti became new clients at the spa where I work. After hearing both of them talk about all of the wonderful benefits of Chiropractic I decided to get my daughter checked right away. We initially started care for my daughter because she was having trouble sleeping and experiencing some digestion problems. Happily, the concerns that we had for our daughter went away. It wasn’t until she started getting a little older when we realized all of the benefits of Chiropractic care made a huge difference in her overall health. Not only is she sleeping great and her digestion is totally fine, but she is hardly ever sick and if she does get sick it lasts a very short period of time. She is an overall happy and energetic girl. She looks forward to coming to her appointments and seeing “Dr. Andwa” (Dr. Andrea). At two years old, she is a pro at getting adjusted and enjoys playing with all of the toys in every patient room! I love the positive vibe of River Shores Chiropractic, from the girls that greet us up front to all three of the doctors; everyone always has a smile on their face!

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