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Headaches/ Migraines and Chiropractic Treatment

Photo of Lori M.“Asthma, COPD, sleepless nights, headaches, and a chronic stiff neck are some of the things that defined my life before River Shores Chiropractic. I first heard about River Shores when they came to my workplace and did a presentation about stress. After the presentation, I started asking around about their practice and found them highly recommended. I was struggling with bad posture which was causing me to have a chronic stiff neck, as well as frequent headaches and migraines. Since starting care at River Shores I have been free of migraines and my “rescue” migraine medication for years. My breathing and daily asthma and COPD symptoms have also improved. If I’m in the midst of an asthma flare-up, my breathing changes dramatically and I feel like a different person after an adjustment. Chiropractic care has also helped me immensely with vertigo. After experiencing horrible vertigo for two days straight, I had instant relief after coming in for an adjustment! I’m also sleeping better, have more energy, and overall I have been a happier, healthier person. Thank you River Shores Chiropractic!”
stephanie-w-t“Both my daughter and I started coming to River Shores Chiropractic because we were experiencing frequent headaches and migraines. My daughter would struggle with an extreme migraine about once a week. Now since starting care both our headaches have improved and are rare. Since coming in for my regular adjustments I have also seen such an improvement in my sleep and health. Another added bonus for me is that I can walk longer distances without my back and hips bothering me which used to be an issue. Unfortunately, since my daughter is away at college she isn’t able to come to the Chiropractor as often as she would like. She makes sure whenever she is in town to make an appointment right away. She has told me that she notices a huge difference from when she has her adjustments. The staff at River Shores Chiropractic is amazing. You feel like you are visiting family when you come in and they are all wonderful. My daughter and I both joined River Shores for the same reason and little did we know we would get so much more out of it. Thank you!!”
I began seeing Dr. Krysti because I was having frequent headaches and migraines. I started having headaches with my first pregnancy and had been living with them daily for the last 8+ years. I honestly couldn’t remember what it felt like to not have a headache. Medications gave me minimal to no relief. Being a wife, mother of three and working full time, I just kept plugging away until enough was enough. I decided I didn’t want to live like that anymore so I did something about it.
Since seeking chiropractic care with Dr. Krysti, Dr. Andrea, and Dr. Kari, I now know what it feels like to have headache-free days! Though I still have an occasional headache or a migraine, they are far less intense and frequent than ever before. An added bonus is my neck, shoulders, and upper back relief has me feeling so much calmer and relaxed. Every single person that works here makes you feel welcomed- so friendly and helpful. You can tell they all truly enjoy their job. I highly recommend seeing these ladies here at River Shores Chiropractic. I trust them with myself and my children. You will not regret it.
migraines and chiropractic treatmentBefore River Shores Chiropractic, I didn’t see anyone for the pain I was experiencing for over five years. I felt in my early 20’s the doctors pushed me away because I was “too young” to have the issues I was dealing with. Over the years, the pain worsened and I finally decided to do something about it.I was referred to River Shores Chiropractic and have loved everything about the practice since day one. The staff is quick, professional and knowledgeable. Getting the scan done first before the doctors will adjust is really comforting knowing that they want to know what’s going on with your body before you start care. After a month, I was given a questionnaire about myself and the practice.I got to evaluate my pain and realized that my headaches weren’t as bad and started going away. My overall pain definitely improved. After the one month scan, I received my new results and was able to compare the results from before chiropractic to just one month. Within that one month I saw drastic improvements, but best of all, I felt them! Recently, I came down with a cold, but it didn’t last long due to a little bit of medicine, sleep and of course, an adjustment!
Amazing! Cannot say enough good about the amazing people at River Shores. Dr. Wick and her staff are awesome. They go out of their way to take care of their patients and it’s always top-notch care. They are involved in the West Bend area community too. The office is recently remodeled and looks great, it’s very welcoming and calming. If you are in need of chiropractic care, River Shores Chiropractic is the place in West Bend to go.Every since I have been going to Dr. Wick, I have seen a tremendous improvement in my physical well-being. Subsequently, my emotional well-being followed as a result of my body feeling far less discomfort. Dr. Wick was able to help not only with back issues, but other joint issues as well. After my daughter started to develop frequent headaches, I started her treatment with Dr. Wick, and she hasn’t had a headache since. The office staff is one of the friendliest I have dealt with and are very eager to help patients however they can.
-Amy K.

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