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Help and Support for Parents in West Bend


If you’re a parent, you have probably experienced stress or anxiety, sleepless nights or lack of energy due to the various demands of work and parenting. Over time stress will build up and eventually get to a point where little things create big problems.

Moms, in particular, tend to put themselves last and do everything for their kids first. Our chiropractors understand the importance of caring for yourself first so you can be the best version of yourself for your kids.

The Nervous System Controls Everything

As nerve doctors, Dr. Krysti, Dr. Andrea and Dr. Kari look at how well the nerves are functioning in your body because the nerves control every single thing in the body: every organ, tissue and gland. The brain sends signals down the spinal cord and out those spinal nerves to send messages all over the body so the brain can continue to control things adequately.

Is Your Bucket Depleted?

If you’ve gotten to the point where you don’t have any more energy left in your bucket and need a respite so your body can heal, regenerate and build up energy reserves again, chiropractic can help. Our functionally based chiropractors use the INSiGHT™ Subluxation Station to see how your body is working and how your nervous system is processing stress. In addition to a detailed history, range of motion and palpation check, we use three painless, noninvasive tests to assess your nervous system health:

  • Surface EMG – measures electrical energy in the muscles along your spine
  • Thermal Scan – measures temperature difference from side to side
  • Heart Rate Variability – takes a 3-5 minute capture of your heart rate

We continuously scan every 12 visits to show what patterns are going on within your nervous system so we can continue to focus care based on how your body’s working instead of just how you’re feeling.

Our chiropractors can help with energy issues and get you to the point where you have more reserves to handle stress and adapt to it in the future. Book an appointment today at River Shores Chiropractic!


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