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Immunity and Chiropractic

dacia_immune“I discovered River Shores Chiropractic from another friend that recommended them. I was looking for a new chiropractor and after hearing such positive things I decided to start my journey with them. I was experiencing a numbing sensation in my lower extremities, was getting sick often and also was having a hard time managing my stress levels. Before starting care it was normal for me to get sick over four times a year. My immune system was struggling and I would often get sinus infections and colds. It didn’t take much for me to feel under the weather. Since starting care my immune system has been great and I feel fantastic. I am now better managing my stress and have an increase in my energy levels. I love that the office staff is so friendly and can always accommodate my schedule.”
Immunity testimonial“When your child is sick, as a parent you feel helpless. You just wish that you could take that illness from them so they can run around and play; as a child should. That was our world for the first three years of our son’s life. It was a constant cycle of weeks battling a single ear infection. We tried one antibiotic after another with no relief and he ultimately ended up with surgical intervention in hopes to help. Our son barely had one healthy month before his ear infection came back after his surgery. Without any relief from his ear infections, his body and immune system spiraled out of control. We sought help from a variety of specialists such as pediatric Allergists, Immunologists, and Otolaryngologists. The only answer we received from all of the specialists was “he will grow out of it.” We were instructed to keep giving him a series of antibiotics and they said eventually his anatomy would change and the ear infections would stop coming.What parent can just sit back and wait possibly YEARS for their child to be healthy? To wait years to be able to enjoy play dates, go to school, go to family functions, and to sleep through the night without waking up coughing until he throws up? My husband and I could not just sit back and wait for the unknown. This was the point where I started researching alternative treatments for ear infections and immunodeficiency. It was easy to see based on research and on testimonials that we needed to give chiropractic care a shot.My next battle was finding a chiropractor that my son would let near him. He had been so traumatized by clinicians holding him down to look in his ears and being poked and prodded for testing that he would not let anyone near his ears, head or neck. I heard about River Shores Chiropractic from a family friend and woman in my mom’s group. They absolutely raved about RSC. I am so extremely happy a mom mentioned RSC because they have CHANGED OUR LIVES.

Bentley was a little hesitant when we first started care but now he cannot wait to go to the Chiropractor! Every single person at River Shores is amazing with kids. I am sure they could handle ANYONE. Now we even use the visiting the chiropractor as a bribe: “Sleep good tonight and you can go see Dr. Andrea and Dr. Kari in the morning!”

Not only does he enjoy going to the chiropractor, but we have also had such phenomenal success. The amount that he gets sick is dramatically less and when he does get sick it takes a fraction of the time that it used to, to get healthy. We have even heard comments from family and friends, “Wow this is the longest we have seen him healthy!” “Bentley’s not sick!”

I can never thank River Shores Chiropractic enough for giving my son back his childhood; a childhood that he can act like a child should. Not stuck at home sick, but out making friends, going to school, enjoying parties and holidays. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!”

Andrew's photo“Andrew has always struggled with chronic ear infections. Every time he would get sick or have an allergy flare up it was followed by an ear infection. We were advised to have Andrew’s tonsils and adenoids removed as well as ear tube placements, so we did as we were told and yet our son’s chronic ear infections continued. Chiropractic was our last resort.” After a month of care Andrew was and continues to be ear infection FREE! He is a happy, healthy little boy! His doctor at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin told us to continue with Andrew’s care here at River Shores.”
– Andrew’s parents
“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Wick for about 6 months, but have had back/neck issues for my entire life. Within the first couple visits my back and neck felt better than it had for many years. Right from the start I was impressed with the fact that I wasn’t just a number at River Shores Chiropractic, but instead they looked at each individual to figure out the underlying problems. Since I started seeing Dr. Wick not only have my back/neck issues improved, but also my allergies, energy level and immune system! The atmosphere is relaxing while the staff is always friendly and caring.”
– Joe B.
“I have been a patient of Dr. Wick’s since October, 2013. I first came to her practice via a recommendation from a neighbor. I’d been experiencing lower back pain. As someone who is basically in good shape and exercises regularly, this wasn’t something I was willing to tolerate. Dr. Wick started adjusting my upper neck and then went to my shoulders and lower back.After treating my back, I was aware that not only was my back fine, but I realized that my sinus problems had also gone away. Now, with the heavy pollen we are having this year, I consider that just short of a miracle. It is the first time in years that I haven’t had a sinus problem. Had I known that Dr. Wick’s work would relieve sinus problems, I would have gone years ago!”
– Jean L.
Angie’s mother writes: “Angie had a bad year with ear infections, strep, and sinus infections. Five rounds of antibiotics in one year. Since coming to see Dr. Wick she has not been dealing with any of these issues. Her immune system has been strengthened through Chiropractic and supplements. The complaints she had about her neck and back (injury from a fall) have disappeared.”
“I became a patient at River Shores Chiropractic just over a year ago. I originally came in because of an injury to my lower back. I continue my care because of the lasting benefits I have received because of it. I sleep better, more soundly. My immunity and just general health overall has improved greatly. I no longer suffer from bronchitis and sinus infections. The headaches I had on a weekly basis have all but stopped. I’m a busy mom of seven; my stress level is pretty high. My regular chiropractic care helps me stay on top of it. My family is comfortable here, I’m comfortable here. Our weekly adjustments are the highlight of the week.”
– Jonna K.

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