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Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Infants (Torticollis, Colic, Ear Infections, etc.)

“My birthing experience with my daughter was traumatic. My daughter was a preemie born six weeks early and we experienced complications during labor. When Claire was born she only weighed four pounds. We struggled for a while getting her to gain weight and grow. Our main concern for bringing her to River Shores Chiropractic was her reflux issues. It was very difficult for her to eat which wasn’t helping her gain weight. She also seemed uncomfortable and did not do well with tummy time. We heard about RSC from a friend who had recommended the office. After coming to River Shores Chiropractic we realized that Claire also had torticollis which was why she seemed uncomfortable.

After only a few adjustments her reflux was gone and she seemed more comfortable with participating in tummy time since her torticollis improved. As first-time parents, River Shores Chiropractic has been amazing. Not only has it helped my daughter tremendously but it has also given us first-time parent’s peace of mind. We look forward to every appointment and know that if we have any problems or questions they are always there for reassurance.”⁣⁣

Hadley photosThis little angel was struggling with nursing, irritable, and overall uncomfortable in her own skin. Mom is happy to report that she is now comfortable, happy and…Nursing like a champ!

Brayden photo“With chiropractic care he is a happy healthy boy!” Check out what mom and dad said about their experience at River Shores Chiropractic! We have great news! Brayden went to his regular pediatrician yesterday morning and she said his ears look great with no fluid or infection. We would like to thank River Shores Chiropractic for their continued care of our son. We were told that he was going to need tubes due to the fluid in his ears and his constant ear infections. With increased adjustments this was resolved without the need for surgery, which we are so grateful for. He is a happy and healthy kid who eats and sleeps very well. We are very thankful for the attention, advice, and care provided at River Shores Chiropractic for our son. He loves Dr. Andrea and is all smiles when we walk through the door for his appointments.”

“At 5 months our daughter woke up with severe torticollis. We instantly called a friend who has taken her child to a chiropractor since they were an infant. We called Dr. Krysti’s office and they were able to see us that day. After our first appointment, our daughter’s results were amazing. After now only 2 weeks of care, our daughter has improved range of motion, she is sleeping through the night, and is almost sitting independently! We are so pleased with Dr. Krysti and we know this was the best decision. The office staff has been wonderful, kind and very helpful as well. There is no other place we would rather be for this!” ~Sara B.

benefits of chiropractic care for infants


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Dr. Wick has changed our lives. We started seeing her when my son was 6 weeks old. He was not nursing well nor sleeping. Within a few visits she had him opening his jaw with no problem, which I am still benefitting from, and he is a sound sleeper! As she worked on him it was almost as if we could see the tension release. At such a newborn age I didn’t believe such stress or tension could build up but this proved me wrong. He is 7 months now and we see her for everything including cold/flu season, ear aches, upset tummy, constipation, and spitting up. My son has never been on antibiotics and does not spit up at all. He is so happy, which makes me happy! Thank you to Dr. Wick and her wonderful team.
– Shawna M.

Dr. Krysti is WONDERFUL!!!! I have been taking my 7 month old son to her and after the first two treatments noticed results. My husband and I were very overwhelmed with how crabby our little one was and did not understand why he would still not sleep through the night. After multiple doctor visits and medication for possible reflux etc. A friend suggested taking him to the chiropractor. I had never heard of that for an infant and was very skeptical, but was at the point that I was willing to try anything. Dr. Krysti was amazing. She was gentle and kind. I felt totally comfortable having her care for my baby. I was just glad that she was able to help him, it is never a guarantee but in our case….. SUCCESS. Our son went from getting up 5-7 times a night to only 1 or 2 times and is finally a HAPPY baby. Our babysitter has even noticed a difference. Thank you Dr. Krysti.
– The F. Family

I began taking my daughter (now 4 months old) to Dr. Wick in December 2012. I have noted a great deal of improvement not only in her sleeping pattern but also her mood throughout the day. I would highly recommend Dr. Wick and her team to anyone that is willing to improve their child’s health and wellness.
– Heidi M.

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