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Chiropractor for Back Pain / Neck/ Shoulder/ Low Back / Leg Pain

Karen and the DoctorPrior to chiropractic care, I was having back, hip, and joint pain. I also experienced bad back spasms which were greatly affecting my life at the time. Everyday tasks became difficult and I often times had trouble sleeping. Even the simple task of walking was hard for me to do, so much so that I had to use a can to walk.After starting my care at River Shores Chiropractic the pain began to lesson so I could finally walk much better, I no longer needed to use my cane. My sleep improved and everyday tasks began to be easier for me. After a couple of months of care I went to the doctor and my blood work came back better. Being more active on a regular basis and being able to do every day activities has helped me have a more positive attitude.

Chiropractic care really does work! It greatly improved my quality of life for the better. The doctors and staff at River Shores Chiropractic are friendly and supportive. They help you feel better and stay well.

Our Patient, MarylinI was brought to River Shores Chiropractic because of back, leg and arm pain. Walking, gardening and completing daily household chores were painful. I was limited to a resting lifestyle due to pain with any movement. I basically lost a summer of activity.The quality of my life had dramatically decreased. Within two weeks of chiropractic care the pain in my arms disappeared. After two months of care I felt like myself again! My strength and range of motion increased dramatically. I began to have more interest in daily activities and my overall mood improved. This slow but steady approach worked wonderfully.The personalized care at River Shores Chiropractic made a huge difference for me. The receptionists at the front desk are personable and always accommodating.The flexibility in scheduling and Dr. Krysti’s and Dr. Andrea’s input on how to modify daily activities was extremely helpful. River Shores Chiropractic is the total package!
~Marilyn K.

chiropractor for neck painI attended a Wellness Fair at work in June and stopped by the River Shores Chiropractic booth. In listening to Dr. Andrea, she made a lot of sense about what is Chiropractic Care. I had never been to a Chiropractor and was a bit skeptical. I sat in their chair and she conducted a basic scan and x-rays.I wasn’t sure at this point whether I would proceed with any treatment, until waking up one morning and thinking that I am tired of all my joints hurting. I had been feeling this way for a very long time. My knees, hips, shoulders etc., you name it they hurt. I couldn’t walk on the treadmill or very long in a store before my hips hurt. I was becoming a couch potato. I had already self-diagnosed myself to some sort of horrible disease or just a product of getting old. So I decided this was a year for me to take charge of my health. Two weeks later I scheduled a complete scan and x-rays. I then sat down with Dr. Andrea wand went over the results. I was clearly messed up.The past years of sports and physical activities finally took a toll on me. Dr. Andrea recommended a care plan. I was a little reluctant but I decided to give it a try. What would be the worst thing, I couldn’t feel worse than I do already. I went religiously for two months where I wasn’t feeling a whole lot better; however Dr. Andrea said I needed to give it time. It took years for me to get this way, so it would take a little time to feel better. One day I woke up and had an “a-hah” moment. I actually felt pretty good. When I went in for my next appointment, I was afraid to tell her I was feeling better and maybe I would jinx myself.

I am now feeling the best I have in years. I can do a lot of the things I have been able to do for a long time and feel more energy. I am a believer in the services that Dr. Andrea and Dr. Krysti provide. I would recommend them to anyone looking for Chiropractic Care. I will also say they have a GREAT staff as well who are very knowledgeable and willing to assist in any way.

Thank you Dr. Andrea and Dr. Krysti for letting me get back to feeling great again!
~Debbie G.

At first I was like anyone else. I had back pain but I was fine and nothing any chiro could do would help me out. MAN WAS I WRONG. My wife finally made me go and let me tell you at first I was going 3 times a week I was so bad. Now I feel better than ever. If I could get on a superbowl ad to tell them how completely awesome and helpful Rivershores chiro was to me I would. Thank you and I highly suggest this to anyone even if it was a 30 min drive they are the best.
~ Danny T.
Prior to coming in for chiropractic care I had hip replacements on both hips. The first replacement on the left hip was four years prior and the second hip was replaced one year prior. Both hip replacements were successful in fixing the hip joints but as a result of the first hip replacement I had experienced chronic bursitis in the left leg that occurred on a regular basis and often limited my physical activity. After the second replacement, I experienced chronic pain in my lower back and right leg that at times became severe enough that I needed to use a cane to walk. This pain had been diagnosed by my doctor to be most likely caused by my sciatic nerve.I had never had chiropractic adjustments prior to seeing Dr. Wick but I was desperate to get the problems fixed so I could enjoy physical activity again without limitations due to the leg pain. I had friends and colleagues tell me about the relief they had experienced with chiropractic so I decided to give it a try. I was referred to Dr. Wick from one of her patients who have her high recommendations. I was very nervous on my first visit not knowing what to expect, but the staff was very good at making me feel at ease. I signed up for a series of adjustments right away because I figured this would not be a quick fix. But after the second visit when Dr. Wick adjusted my lower back, the pain in my right leg subsided immediately and I knew we were on the right track. After a few months of weekly adjustments, the pain in my right leg is all but gone. In addition, the bursitis that was in my left leg for more than four years disappeared as well. Now, for the first time in five years I am enjoying physical activity (golf and walking) pain free.The care at River Shores Chiropractic is first rate. The staff is very accommodating to changing appointments when my schedule changes and they are always able to fit me in on a moment’s notice. I would highly recommend Dr. Wick and River Shores Chiropractic to anyone contemplating chiropractic care.
-Todd King
I admit I was a skeptic, but my husband found relief and the experience made me curious as well. I tried it out and Dr. Wick treated my shoulder and now I am a convert to chiropractic care… Count me as a believer…The staff is wonderful, caring, welcoming, truly concerned with YOU. Thank you!!
~ Linda L.
“I started seeing Dr. Krysti when I developed low back/knee pain as a result of running and sitting at a desk all day. After a month of adjustments my pain had subsided and I could run without having to stop due to discomfort. My chiropractic sessions have also had an impact on my migraines. As a long term migraine sufferer it has been wonderful to get relief from this pain and have less headaches as a result. Dr. Krysti and the staff at River Shores are so positive and happy. It is their positive energy that makes me look forward to my appointments, and I think helps with my overall healing”
~ Claire A.

chiropractor in west bend wiI have been so impressed from day one with the staff from River Shores Chiropractic after I had set up a lunch and learn for my office. I had seen a chiropractor before for sciatic pain that got to be unbearable after a car accident, but after meeting Dr. Andrea I decided to make the switch. The technology and personalization is unmatched to the care I’ve received anywhere else! Although I have only been a patient for 4 months, I have seen a drastic change in my health and everyday life. My sciatic pain is gone, and so is the pressure in my neck and back I had been so used to having every day. I am more conscious of good posture; my days are less stressful as I have felt my anxiety improve, as well as a decrease in headaches and fatigue. I look forward to every one of my adjustments and have been so pleased in my treatment. I have become a firm believer that taking care of myself in the future will include regular chiropractic visits! Thank you! ~Kaylee W.

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