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Meet The Doctors

Dr. Krysti WickDr. Krysti Wick

From Patient to Provider

Dr. Krysti has had a life-long dream to help people through a healthcare profession. From a very young age she wanted to be a pediatrician, and then a life-altering fall changed her desired profession. After her fall Dr. Krysti discovered a chiropractor who not only helped activate her innate healing power but who also listened to a twelve-year-old and her health concerns! It was this bond that changed her focus to becoming a chiropractor in West Bend, WI.

As an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Krysti considered various chiropractic colleges, and selected Logan University (formerly Logan College of Chiropractic) in suburban St. Louis to complete her studies. While at Logan she especially enjoyed her coursework in pediatric chiropractic but prides herself in being a family wellness practitioner which allows her to provide effective chiropractic care for patients of all ages.

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Dr. Andrea LangeDr. Andrea Lange

Life’s Passion

Dr. Andrea is passionate about serving families through chiropractic. Dr. Andrea grew up seeing a chiropractor with her mom after suffering a back injury while being a competitive swimmer. However, it wasn’t until chiropractic school that she understood the power of a chiropractic adjustment for more than just pain. It was there she learned about chiropractic care for newborns and young children as well as pregnant moms. This deeply resonated with Dr. Andrea as being a mom had always been a life-long dream of hers. Now, after having two children of her own, her passion for helping moms create healthy families has grown on an even more personal level.

Dr. Andrea believes that every pregnant mom should be empowered to know that they are more than capable to have a healthy pregnancy and the birth that they desire! She also believes that every child should be checked at birth and beyond to be allowed to grow and thrive the way they were intended!

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