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River Shores Chiropractic | Patient Success Stories

Chiropractor during Pregnancy

I have been receiving chiropractic treatment to correct prenatal discomforts. My hip and lower back hurt bad enough to limit my walking and everyday movements. By the second visit I was nearly 100% better, amazing relief after only a couple days! I highly recommend making an appointment to all pregnant women in their second and third trimesters!
– Julie G.

Dr. Wick has helped me through pregnancy discomfort, post delivery changes and more. I use Chiropractic as part of my life for health and wellness and pride in bringing my whole family for care. I have had great success with an acute ankle sprain, and colds and congestion. River Shores is a household name.

I started Chiropractic with my son right after he was born because he has one leg shorter than the other due to a curvature in the bone of his leg. Through Chiropractic, he has had little trouble with his legs, pelvis and back. Adjustments during teething allowed for more comfortable feedings and less irritability from pain. At age 2 he has had few colds/flus and he looks forward to his adjustments- hopping right up on the table! My daughter started Chiropractic at age 3. She was always a clumsy girl, falling over her own feet. I couldn’t watch her run down the sidewalk without cringing- waiting for the fall. After receiving adjustments for her knee, she has not “fallen over her own feet.” She has had little trouble with colds and congestion, and always lets me know that she is ready for her next adjustment.
– Angela G.

I started seeing Dr. Wick while pregnant with my 3rd child to alleviate my back problems. My husband was as well. She came highly recommended from our neighbors. Now I like to do the recommending! When I started learning more about chiropractic care, I started making appointments for my 3 children too. Dr. Wick has helped them with growing pains and sports-related things. The atmosphere is very friendly and inviting! Her care has helped us a good deal! Thank you!
-Antonina K.

I experienced horrible backaches, neck pain, and headaches at the beginning of my pregnancy. Everything in my body just felt wrong! I began seeing Dr. Wick for adjustments, and she knew just what to do to get my body back on track. I am now five months pregnant, and I feel amazing! I almost never have pain or discomfort in my back or neck, and I feel like my overall well-being is so much better. I look forward to seeing Dr. Wick all through my pregnancy and beyond to keep my body working! Beyond that, the ladies at the front desk are just wonderful. They always go out of their way to be welcoming and helpful. I appreciate their ready smiles! I highly recommend River Shores Chiropractic.
-Charlotte S.

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