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Chiropractic care during Pregnancy

Photo of patient Megan T.River Shores Chiropractic was recommended to me by many other moms in a “mom group” that I am a part of. I was in my last trimester of pregnancy with my daughter and I was in extreme discomfort. I was four weeks away from my due date and I was desperate for some relief. I wasn’t sleeping and was having a hard time getting comfortable. After hearing all of the other moms in the group rave about River Shores Chiropractic, I decided I needed to give it a try. I remember, immediately after my first adjustment feeling instant relief. I went home and slept amazing that night and I told my husband that I wish I would have discovered River Shores sooner. For the remainder of my pregnancy with my daughter, I was feeling great with the help of chiropractic care. When I was in the beginning stages of labor, Dr. Andrea was an amazing resource for me. She was so thoughtful and even gave me her home number in case I needed her. Now my kiddos and I all come to River Shores Chiropractic. The benefits of chiropractic care have been amazing. It has helped me cope with the stress of being a mom, build my family’s immune systems and improve our overall health in general. We are incredibly grateful that we discovered River Shores Chiropractic.

pregnancy testimonialI first started coming to River Shores Chiropractic because I was experiencing pre-labor contractions. I was in my third trimester with my daughter and I was also having an extreme amount of hip pain. I have always struggled with hip problems but when I was pregnant my pain was unbearable. Since starting chiropractic care, my hip pain has subsided and I have been hip pain-free! I have also noticed that I have been sleeping better and I overall feel healthier. When my daughter was born she was a fussy baby and was uncomfortable from colic. Since she has been coming in for her regular adjustments, my husband and I have noticed she is much happier and her digestive problems have improved. River Shores Chiropractic has helped our family in so many ways!
pregnancy photoThe benefits are amazing! We started going to River Shores when I was pregnant. My hips hurt so bad and I really struggled moving around. After just a few adjustments I started noticing a difference and by the end of my pregnancy I was moving around better than I was at the beginning. Once our son was born we brought him to be adjusted with my husband and I. He loves his adjustments. Our family is happy and healthy thanks to Dr. Andrea and Dr. Krysti. I don’t know what we would do without our chiropractic care. I believe that everyone should try chiropractic.

My family has been coming to River Shores for about 2 1/2 years, we started coming because we needed to make some changes, it felt like we were on this continuous loop of one illness after another (at the time I had an almost 3 year old and almost 1 year old who had hand foot and mouth twice in 1 month, yuck!) I wasn’t in great shape either, I was having headaches every day that lasted throughout the day. Once the kids and I got into maintenance mode my husband decided he wanted to see what he was missing too. So here we are a family of 4 getting regular adjustments by Dr. Andrea and Dr. Krysti. Around June 2016 I found out we were expecting another baby, Dr. Andrea was one of the first people I told…my husband had to wait a few more days.Throughout my pregnancy I had regular adjustments at Rivershores. When I got closer to my due date I started coming in for weekly adjustments to make sure I was in good alignment in preparation for our little bundle. I was experiencing some lower back pain and ligament discomfort, so was always glad when it was time for our next appointment. During my pregnancy the doctors were so supportive and informative, sharing information whenever I asked and helping me make educated decisions for myself and our baby. Read more of testimonial
Towards the end of my pregnancy, around 30 weeks or so, I started thinking about my birthing experience I had with my first two kids (in a hospital with an epidural) I began asking more questions about having a natural birth and a possible home birth. It was really empowering to realize that I had more options, I could have more control over my birthing experience than I realized, even in a hospital setting. At 35 weeks I had my first appointment with our midwife and was planning for a home birth. The doctors were so excited for our family and were very supportive of our decisions, they even reminded me to give them a call if I needed an adjustment during labor to help get things moving if the labor stalled.Happily, we had an uncomplicated birth at home just the way I hoped, no pain medication and a relatively ‘easy’ labor. Our baby doll received her first adjustment 2 days later and both the doctors were impressed with how clear her scan was, she didn’t have many sublexations that needed to be corrected, thanks to the regular adjustments during my pregnancy and her the trauma free birth. I was really eager to get her adjusted because I was in pain, her latch while nursing was really hurting me, after her first adjustment I noticed an immediate difference!Thank you for helping our family be as healthy as we can be!
– Anonymous
I have been receiving chiropractic treatment to correct prenatal discomforts. My hip and lower back hurt bad enough to limit my walking and everyday movements. By the second visit I was nearly 100% better, amazing relief after only a couple days! I highly recommend making an appointment to all pregnant women in their second and third trimesters!
– Julie G.

Dr. Wick has helped me through pregnancy discomfort, post delivery changes and more. I use Chiropractic as part of my life for health and wellness and pride in bringing my whole family for care. I have had great success with an acute ankle sprain, and colds and congestion. River Shores is a household name.

I started Chiropractic with my son right after he was born because he has one leg shorter than the other due to a curvature in the bone of his leg. Through Chiropractic, he has had little trouble with his legs, pelvis and back. Adjustments during teething allowed for more comfortable feedings and less irritability from pain. At age 2 he has had few colds/flus and he looks forward to his adjustments- hopping right up on the table! My daughter started Chiropractic at age 3. She was always a clumsy girl, falling over her own feet. I couldn’t watch her run down the sidewalk without cringing- waiting for the fall. After receiving adjustments for her knee, she has not “fallen over her own feet.” She has had little trouble with colds and congestion, and always lets me know that she is ready for her next adjustment.
– Angela G.

I started seeing Dr. Wick while pregnant with my 3rd child to alleviate my back problems. My husband was as well. She came highly recommended from our neighbors. Now I like to do the recommending! When I started learning more about chiropractic care, I started making appointments for my 3 children too. Dr. Wick has helped them with growing pains and sports-related things. The atmosphere is very friendly and inviting! Her care has helped us a good deal! Thank you!
-Antonina K.

I experienced horrible backaches, neck pain, and headaches at the beginning of my pregnancy. Everything in my body just felt wrong! I began seeing Dr. Wick for adjustments, and she knew just what to do to get my body back on track. I am now five months pregnant, and I feel amazing! I almost never have pain or discomfort in my back or neck, and I feel like my overall well-being is so much better. I look forward to seeing Dr. Wick all through my pregnancy and beyond to keep my body working! Beyond that, the ladies at the front desk are just wonderful. They always go out of their way to be welcoming and helpful. I appreciate their ready smiles! I highly recommend River Shores Chiropractic.
-Charlotte S.

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