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River Shores Chiropractic | Patient Success Stories

Health Benefits of Chiropractic Care: Your Quality of Life & Wellness

Photo of our patient, Olivia“Olivia loves sports, especially ice skating. We were concerned that her poor posture was holding her back from her full potential with skating. We started noticing a difference in her very quickly after starting care.

Her posture improved but she also bounced back quickly after a concussion, is sleeping better, and has more overall flexibility! She has been empowered to be more aware of her own body and is more in tune with her health which has made a difference on and off the ice.” 

“I started coming to River Shores Chiropractic in July of 2017. I was with my family at the Dirty Ninja Mud Run held at Regner Park when I discovered River Shores. I walked by their booth many times and thought about stopping to get more information. It wasn’t until my daughter wanted a balloon that they were giving away, that I stopped to talk with the River Shore’s team. I needed a new chiropractor but I was scared to start over with my care. After chatting with the staff they reassured me that I would be in good hands. I was fighting lung cancer and didn’t know what my future held. Before I started care at River Shores I was having a difficult time with my energy level, hip pain, sleeping, and was constantly uncomfortable. River Shores has truly changed my life. Not only has it helped me physically, but emotionally as well. They have always supported and encouraged me. I am sleeping better, I am more relaxed, and overall I have a sense of well-being that I didn’t have before coming to RSC. Their team played a huge role in my three-year road to remission. I am so grateful I discovered River Shores Chiropractic.”

Lindsey“Before coming to River Shores Chiropractic my daughter Lindsey, who was two years old at the time, was having a hard time sleeping. She would wake up multiple times a night. This was putting a strain on the amount of sleep all of us were getting as a family. As for myself, I had been dealing with a very stiff neck for a couple of weeks. I had dealt with this multiple times in the past but the discomfort always seemed to go away. Initially, I was skeptical about Chiropractic care but I am glad we decided to look into it. As it turns out, I found out that I have a naturally fused vertebra. After coming in for our regular adjustments, Lindsey began to sleep better and I have been able to stay away from the neck discomfort. This has allowed me to stay physically active with all the sports I enjoy playing. We have also noticed a difference in our overall health and fighting off the nasty colds and illnesses going around. River Shores takes a holistic approach to a healthier lifestyle and has helped many aspects of our daily life.”

barb c.“I cannot say enough good things about River Shores Chiropractic. When I first came to River Shores a little over two years ago, I was struggling with multiple issues. I was experiencing frequent migraines, back, neck and shoulder discomfort. I also have Multiple Sclerosis which can make things more difficult. I initially asked Dr. Andrea if she really wanted to work with me since I have so many complications. I remember her telling me she was up for the challenge and would do her best. Dr. Andrea has gone above and beyond to address my concerns and I always leave the office feeling better, both physically and mentally. There is so much positive energy at River Shores. Both Dr. Andrea and Dr. Krysti have the ability to figure out what is going on with your body and sometimes even with the lightest touch they know how to make you feel so much better. I cannot thank them enough for putting me on a path to increased health and energy! The entire staff is so amazing. They make you feel welcome and show great care and concern every visit! I walk into River Shores feeling beat down and leave standing tall. Thank you so much for all that you do!”

Photo of patient Ashley“When I moved to the West Bend area I was in search for a new chiropractic clinic. I was looking for relief for my headaches, sleepless nights, and body aches. I was also experiencing low energy levels and my immune system was not the strongest. Since starting care at River Shores Chiropractic, I have noticed many improvements in my body. I am now sleeping great through the night and do not wake up stiff and uncomfortable. My energy levels have also improved tremendously. Previously, mid-day I would become very fatigued and it was hard for me to stay focused throughout the rest of the day. I was also experiencing frequent headaches and was getting sick often. With regular adjustments, I feel great. My headaches have improved and my immune system is boosted. I feel healthier and look forward to every appointment. The RSC team makes you feel like you are a part of their family. The communication between the staff is fantastic and they are always going above and beyond to make each experience great.”

Photo of the Johnson Family“I first started coming to River Shores Chiropractic six years ago when I was pregnant. I had some physical issues with my pregnancy and got to the point where I was unable to walk, move, sleep, and actually function at all without extreme discomfort. I was put on a work restriction, couldn’t hold or lift my other two children, couldn’t even roll over in bed and needed to be manually maneuvered. To say the least, it was awful and a nightmare. Even though I was petrified of chiropractors, it was a last resort because I did not know what else to do.Starting care at River Shores Chiropractic helped provide my body comfort and relief, and also an acknowledgment that something was wrong.After my baby was born, we both continued to come to River Shores Chiropractic. She is five years old now, and I often wonder what she would be like had we never started with chiropractic care!! (Seriously y’a’ll, this child is fierce and stubborn, strong-willed girl). I truly believe with the care that we received at River Shores and the use of our natural remedies at home, we have been able to stay healthy and away from other traditional recommendations. All three of my children and I now regularly come to River Shores for adjustments. Within this time we’ve been able to help assist our bodies before the germs really kick in, catch ear infections before they get out of hand, keep emotions and anxieties in check, and help with concentration and focus. My ten year old recently told me he is better able to be still and focus in class. I chuckle now thinking back to the time that I was afraid of the chiropractor. Now I can’t even fathom or imagine where or how any of us would be without Chiropractic and this wonderful support team at River Shores Chiropractic.”

Rozanne“I have been coming to River Shores Chiropractic since February of 2018. I never knew that chiropractic care could help me in so many ways! I first heard about River Shores Chiropractic when Dr. Andrea came to my work for a lunch and learn presentation. After her presentation, I knew 100% that this was what I needed. I wasn’t aware of how much I struggled with stress and the negative effects it had on my body until I started care. I was having a hard time coping with my stress levels, which caused a significant amount of tension in my neck and back. On top of that, I was also struggling with getting good nights sleep. Since getting my regular adjustments, all of my tension is gone and I am sleeping great! I have also noticed since starting chiropractic care, I do not get sick as often. The rare times I do get sick, it doesn’t knock me down as it used to and my body bounces back much quicker. Overall, I feel that my health has improved greatly since joining River Shores. The office staff is incredibly friendly and you can tell that they genuinely care. I honestly feel like each time I go see the girls it is like I am going to visit my best friend or family. River Shores Chiropractic has changed my life!”

quality-of-life -wellness-testimonial-2019“To simply put it, the reason that I walked into River Shores Chiropractic was a godsend. I was going through arguably the most difficult year of my life. I had been diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury preventing me from playing the sport I loved most which was playing soccer at a college level. I had also lost a relationship which I had thought would last forever, and my sweet little dog Truffles (yes, like the chocolate) died in my arms. Dr. Krysti and Dr. Andrea saw me in the worst shape of my entire life. Yet through it all, Dr. Krysti and Dr. Andrea saw a way to help me heal. These two amazing doctors took me in as if I were their own daughter and told me that everything was going to get better. If I were to be completely honest, I did not believe them. Due to the physical and emotional injuries that I had endured, I was not functioning.I was overcome by excruciating headaches and emotional grief. I never thought that I would be able to return to the same level of functioning as I was before.

Today, however, I can confidently tell you that they were right. These wonderful women not only helped reduce the number of debilitating headaches, but they also were very influential and encouraged me. I was going in three times a week to be adjusted. I always came into the office feeling run down and discouraged and left feeling relieved and energized to take on the next day. They helped me heal from a run-down girl who could not remember her home address to a successful and joyful woman that I am incredibly proud to be today. Dr. Krysti, Dr. Andera, and the entire staff hold a very dear place in my heart. I am incredibly thankful to God that I walked into River Shores Chiropractic. ”

new-testimonial-2019“Our family has been receiving care at River Shores Chiropractic for several years.

We have seen both Dr. Krysti & Dr. Andrea on different occasions and they both provide excellent care. Everyone at River Shores Chiropractic shows professionalism, honesty, and down to earth communication and interaction. Our nine and eleven-year-old girls look forward to every chiropractic visit and have for the past seven years. Every adjustment gives us the quality of health that we want and need to be at our best in our day to day routines.

With my husband being in the trades, and me being a daycare teacher, the adjustments help with our range of motion, tightness, and overall health. Our children benefit from calming hyperactivity, helping relieve growing pains/changes and staying healthy! We love River Shores Chiropractic. Thank you for all that you do to keep us healthy!”

“In my household, life before Chiropractic was hectic, unpredictable, and far from relaxed. This boy-mom never knew what to expect on a day to day basis. There were meltdowns-often without explanation, anxiety attacks, emotional extremes, and that was just the boys. I was overwhelmed with the day to day struggles and often suffered from fatigue and just a feeling of “what else can I do?” It just so happened that for continuing education at my job, I attended “The Perfect Storm” event held by Dr. Krysti. After attending this seminar I felt that it was worth further information.We started our chiropractic journey with my oldest in the search for something other than medication to help ease his anxiety issues. The changes I saw in him immediately had me convinced that this was the care that I wanted my family to continue to receive. Not only has his anxiety improved, but his sleep is no longer interrupted by nightmares, he has better control of his emotions, and even some of his digestive struggles have improved. He is a different child! I had not had an uninterrupted night’s sleep in almost 10 years. We are all finally sleeping soundly. He also has benefited from Chiropractic with his athletic activities.About a year after we started care at RSC for my oldest, my youngest and I also started our own wellness programs at River Shores. He has seen improvement in emotional control and stability, energy, focus, and athletic well being. This young man has changed from one who often had difficulty controlling his emotional responses, especially when angry or disappointed, to one who can stop and think about how he reacts and communicate his needs and emotions in a more acceptable manner.

The care I receive at River Shores helps this busy Mom keep up with the crazy that comes with having two very energetic and very involved boys. We are constantly on the move, whether it be to practice for one of their four sports teams, games, guitar lessons, or other school activities. Regular adjustments help me to maintain control and calm while juggling the busy schedules of a family of four. I no longer feel overwhelmed with the day to day responsibility of balancing my full-time job with the business of my family life. I can’t thank the Doctors and staff at River Shores enough for the continued care and passion for their jobs that they share with us and the community.”

“I have always had a hard time focusing. This impacted my school work, education, and home life. When my parents would ask me to do something, I didn’t have any ambition or wasn’t willing to complete what they asked of me. In addition, I was having a difficult time controlling my emotions. I would get overly emotional or angry at things that I shouldn’t have gotten upset over. My Mom was the one that came to me and suggested starting care at River Shores Chiropractic. I had no hesitation that this was the best thing for me because our family has heard many people talk about the benefits of chiropractic care. Since starting care here at River Shores Chiropractic I have noticed that I am able to focus more effectively, control my emotions better and get things done in a timely manner.I feel much better about myself and am taking initiative to get things done. Since I have already seen such amazing results, I have encouraged the rest of my family to start care and I am excited to see the improvements that are in store for all of us as a family!”

rivershoes-chiropractic-quality-of-life-photoI struggled with upper back pain for years after I decided to rearrange my living room while pregnant with my daughter. Doctors continued to prescribe muscle relaxers which I hated taking because they made me feel loopy and tired. So I kept stretching hoping it would get better.Thanksgiving 2017 I began having lower back pain and couldn’t walk, sit, or sleep. I was about to drive 8 hours to see my family for the holidays and knew there was no way I could manage without some relief and I couldn’t take muscle relaxers and then drive so I called River Shores Chiropractic.Fast forward three months, not only is my lower back/hip pain gone but I can shovel snow and the pain hasn’t returned. In addition, my 10 year upper back pain has also been eliminated.

Here’s the crazy thing I’ve had other unexpected positive side effects. My regular headaches I’ve been getting are completely eliminated. I’m thinking clearer and the “mom fog” I often called it is gone and I can remember things without writing it down or forgetting things two seconds after I said them. I’m more patient and I can feel my ability to manage stress is improved dramatically.

I shouldn’t be surprised by these results because I’ve seen this kind of dramatic improvement for my daughters health.

I trust Dr. Andrea and Dr. Krysti and I couldn’t imagine going to anyone else!

Loved everything about the clinic, the experience, and Dr. Krysti!- Kris M.

This was my first time ever seeing a chiropractor and she made me feel very comfortable and I’m looking forward to my next visit.- Kari D.

I started going to Rivershores at the beginning of the year. Primary issues included constant fatigue/low energy and difficulty breathing (sinuses always stuffy). I’ve tried literally EVERYTHING to increase my energy level the past 6-7 years but nothing was working. After only three weeks I’m already seeing a positive impact. I’m actually sleeping better at night, which is thus giving me more energy to tackle the day. Pictures below include my sleep tracking (data available via my Fitbit). The blue lines indicate periods of restlessness which leads to not having a good night’s sleep. Can’t deny real results!

River Shores Chiropractic Quality of Life Testimonial
River Shores Chiropractic Energy Levels
River Shores Chiropractic Energy Levels

I first came to River Shores Chiropractic when I started experiencing vertigo. Rivershore Chiropractic - Vertigo Free!My doctor gave me medication that knocked me out. I wanted to correct the issue drug free. Since beginning at River Shores, my overall health and attitude has greatly improved. I feel good each day and am vertigo-free! I can adapt to my stressors better and have more energy.

You will never know how good you may feel until you give River Shores Chiropractic a chance. I was 57 years old when I started with Dr. Wick. I had no idea what it would do for me and how much it improved my quality of life!

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